dissabte, 30 d’octubre de 2010

Things I miss from Japan

1 - Japan Bus

Only joking. I will miss the queue formed when people are waiting to get on the bus. 

2- Close doors button on elevator

Everybody uses it there; no time no time! Here it doesn't exist. Strange, huh?

It's been a month!

Hello dear readers!
Most of you maybe think "What has happened to Anna?", "Is she still alive?". The answer is yes, I am.
It's been nearly a month now, back in Barcelona. And it has not been an easy one. Apparently, my life was easier living in Japan. Although much lonlier, that's right. I had my time to go running, write posts, watch TV series, and everything together with working in the lab everyday and discovering Japan. I had the great chance to live side by side to the university. This is one of the greatest changes. Now I spend 30 minutes by bike to go there. It's not that I don't like it; I love cycling, in fact. But, of course, 1 hour a day (sometimes more if I go somewhere else) is invested in transport.
I have also re-started my French courses. Two days a week, two hours per day. That makes four hours per week. And I do love it, too.
Cooking. That has changed too. In Japan I hadly never cooked. The lunk in the university was great: good taste, good price. I ate everyday there, with all the lab collegues. And for dinner? Well, cooking for one is not the same as cooking for two or more. For myself I did quite easy things: soup, rice, noodles (only add hot water), bread with something, yogurths and fruit... And many days I went to have dinner somewhere too. Now, I cook everynight, since I prepare my "tupper" for next day's lunch, and also the dinner. This is more time to put inside of the basket.
Family and friends. In Japan I did not know many people. Obviously, my family wasn't there. I sometimes spoke with my mum through skype, and I sent postcards to my grandparents, but that's a totally differnt thing. And friends? Well, I had some friends there, but of course, the relationship is very different. Although they made me have really good times!
And the work in the uni? Well, this has also changed a lot. There I worked alone, only sometimes speaking with the professor. Here, it's all a mess. Since I "understand" the language they speak, it is more difficult to concentrate, and moreover, I do many things apart from the thesis in the uni. Maybe I should concentrate in only one thing.
Anyway, the thing is that when I arrive home from the uni, or French, I cook, have dinner, wash clothes, and usually I fall asleep on the sofa after dinner. Well, sometimes it is beer night, and usually in the weekends I go to my home-town. So... where is the time to write? I don't know! But I have to find it!
Another thing that I forgot, is TV and newpapers. In Japan, they were inexistent for me. I only read digital newspapers on the Internet. But now, TV and newspaper are everyday in my life.
Well, not an interesting post, but just another post. Hope to see you around! I'm going to Sant Julià now!