dijous, 13 de desembre de 2007


What if the brilliant and magnificent sun one day started thinking that he shouldn't give us more heat and light. One day he decides that he has had enough of humans, who don't exactly know how to take profit of the powerful energy that he gives them. He can see how the selfish and arrogant human race starts producing other kinds of energy by burning carbon, for example, without counting on him. He doesn't even like when people want to get tanned by lying inside a box of UVA rays, instead of going to the wonderful beach or sunbathing on the terrace. He is always gelous of the secret moon, the Earth's satellite that is bright only because of him, but that everybody appreciates a lot, because its romantic meaning and the movement of the tides.

To which sex do you associate the Sun and the Moon? Let's think about it!

But there you go once again
You missed the point and then you point
Your fingers at me
And say that I said not to believe
I believe
I guess
I guess it's all relative