dissabte, 16 de febrer de 2008

Yann in the city

Yann woke up that morning and it was freezing. But he knew he had to go out. He didn't know much the city yet, and didn't want to spend money on a subway ticket, so he decided to go walking. He put his clothes on, after having a lonely hot shower, and went outside. It was cold, so he put on quickly his scarf and gloves and started walking without stopping. But suddenly he thought that he was carrying his camera with him. His little precious tresure was in his pocket. Some pictures that he took days ago weren't as nice now as they were before. He erased them so there was more space for the ones he was going to take. They would be perfect pictures. As soon as he saw a bird eating bread on the street, he couldn't resist himself. He went on by and a train passed next to him. Click. During all the walk he kept on making pictures from everything he thought that was special. He stopped to eat at a park. It was full of children with there moms, and there he was, sitting on a cold bench, eating a poor ham sandwich. Lucky he had prepared some tea and it was still hot. He continued his walk the way back. This time without stopping. When he was about to reach home, a window shop attracted his mind. He went in and cut his hair. Why not? Now nobody he knew would see him, at least not before a month. So nobody would cares. He arrived home and had a quick shower to refresh his mind. Hi was alone in a city he didn't knew and all his friends were gone. Even though he was a bit scared, he knew that it wouldn't be that bad. Ring. Tonight at 10 o'clock there's a party. Want to come? Why not, thought the man. I don't want to spend another consecutive night in front of the computer. Yes. He dressed up and off he went again. But this time he had a date.

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Aifan ha dit...

And in that party, Yann, began playing his accordion:


I love that picture Anna.