dimecres, 7 de maig de 2008

sobrevolant els Alps

when you can't see what's going to be next. when the love stories you read when you were a kid are only dreams. when the night comes and you feel alone in the dark. when your friends are miles away. when the people you pass-by on the street are only strangers. when the language is completely non-understrandable. when you've got to work but what you can only do is nothing. when the songs you hear make you remember always the same face. when the books you read are only this: books.

stand up, close your eyes and say I can do it. oh yes, my dear. I can. but that doesn't mean that some teardrops fall from your eyes and reach the mouth. they taste salty, like the sweat on the skin after walking six hours under the bright sun.

but I've got a black star. and now that's the only thing that really matters.

and friends who care about me and make me smile with a simple call&chat.

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Anònim ha dit...

jo t'hi tinc un raconet aquí... *sigh*

Anònim ha dit...


com veus t'estic repassant intenssament, i estic content perquè ara que he llegit el teu blog amb més profunditat li trobo el senitit

que vagi bé!! me'n vaig a v/beure aurovisió jeje